Albert’s Dirty Dozen Workout!

EGF Albert’s Dirty Dozen

Warm Up 5 minutes

Campers will complete 12 reps of the following exercises:

1-High Jumper (jump squat with straight arms-take over head at height of jump).

2-Trunk Twister-hands behind head, rotate torso to left then right

3-Push Ups

4-Knee Benders-Plie squat

5-Side Straddle Hop-jumping jacks

6-Squat Thrust-burpee with full body to ground


8-Mtn Climbers (sets)

9-Bend and Reach-sit ups

10-Standing straight leg lifts-each leg 12 reps

11-Toe Touches-stretch and touch toes

12-Twelve Laps Total (campers can do this any way they want-we recommend 4 laps each round)

Complete the Dirty Dozen for total of 3 rounds!

Stretch 5 minutes